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If you’re reading this, you either know me or are just a few degrees of separation away. Whatever our connection, I’m glad you’re here.

Whether you’re looking to list your home/s, book a stay at one or brief us in on what you’re looking for, we’re here to help find the perfect match.

Here’s a little about how Casa Co is different.

A seed was planted.

My Story

Having spent over ten years using rental platforms, as both the host and guest around the world, I’ve built a strong understanding of how both parties can best benefit from this type of short-term home stay.

While the times I enjoyed as a guest, and the financial benefit of being a host made it undoubtedly worthwhile for me, I could appreciate why many people were reluctant to list their own homes.

It was usually one of two reasons


The idea of having anonymous and unvetted ‘strangers’ living in their home made them feel uncomfortable.


The hassle of emptying their entire home of personal possessions to make it ‘rental ready’ simply wasn’t worth it.



Over time I noticed that my experience was so much more authentic when I stayed in homes that were left largely as the hosts left them – without removing all their personal belongings or emptying the pantry shelves of all the essentials.

I realised, that’s what was missing from typical rental platforms; the charm and convenience of stepping into a home that is just that.. another’s unique space. And experiencing a more authentic way of  living, even if it was only short term.

Knowing that I didn’t have to rush out for essentials like herbs while the spaghetti was mid-boil made it much more convenient. 

casa co

The combination of my own guest & host experiences, along with extensive consumer research over two decades in media, led me to create Casa Co: a members based network that connects real homes and people.


Mi casa es su casa

Peace of mind

What we deliver

Casa Co hosts who have chosen to be contacted only by verified co-members have peace-of-mind from knowing that guests to their home are either host members themselves or have been referred by a trusted member of our exclusive network.

Hosts who are open to guests outside the network will only be contacted for potential guest stays who have been vetted by Casa Co. And only then, will they be asked to agree to or decline the opportunity.

This assurance, coupled with knowing that hosts are not expected to remove all personal belongings in preparation for guest members, makes hosting a much more attractive proposition to what has historically been available.  

For guests, the chance to book beautiful homes in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula that are real homes rather than  commercial properties makes a Casa Co stay particularly unique, convenient and memorable.


The casa co difference

But Caso Co won’t be right for everyone…

If you have a commercial property and you don’t mind adhering to often strict conditions, you may be happy to pay an agent to manage your property for you.

If you’re comfortable opening your home to a wider audience and not too fussed about who stays, you might list your home on other digital platforms as well as Casa Co.  

As a guest, if you would prefer to stay in accommodation that has been generically presented purely for the purpose of paying guests you might be happy to pay the much higher guest fees imposed by other platforms.

But if you are looking for a safe, more relaxed and more authentic way to stay at or list your home/s, becoming a Casa Co member might be the answer you didn’t know you were looking for.