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How it works


Casa Co has been created for two types of people; those who own their homes but don't occupy them every day of the year. And 'short-term' home seekers who prefer the idea of staying at a 'friend of a friends'.

Casa Co embraces Einstein's theory 'everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler'. As such, host members dont go through the upheaval of emptying their homes to accommodate co-member guests.

Members connect with others in the network and experience the beauty of staying in real homes for real people.

A foundation of trust

Our referral requirement for Casa Co members provides guests and hosts the ultimate peace of mind in every interaction.

When members of our exclusive network are staying in a home,

they’ll be aware of exactly what rules have been agreed to for the stay to be successful for all.

We encourage members to connect with each other before a booking is made to ensure you’re a perfect match so, typically, it feels more like staying at a friend’s place than a holiday rental.

Just like at a members-only golf club,

if a member behaves in a manner that is untrustworthy, the Casa Co team will investigate and they, along with their referring member, may be asked to revoke their membership. Given our stringent vetting process and strong community member values, this is yet to occur. 

Becoming a Member

When Casa Co approves and publishes your home/s, you will automatically become a member.

If you are not listing a home and are hoping to request stays at member's homes, you must provide Casa Co with the email address of an existing member who is happy to vouch for your character and refer you to the network.

After you are verified by your referring member, you'll be able to request stays at all listings, and take advantage of member-only VIP luxury benefits, services and events.

List your home/s and become a Host member

List your home/s and become a ‘host' member. You can choose to make your home available to 1) all potential guests, 2) members only or 3) completely privately and only available on a case by case basis (contact to discuss this option). You may also then view and book other members properties as their guest.


Provide a referral and become a Guest Member

Enter your referring members email address to request stays at other members properties. You may chose to list a property or other lifestyle items down the track which you can do at any stage once you are a member.

Exclusive Benefits

The benefits of becoming a member of the Casa Co network aren’t just limited to the sharing of homely abodes.

All members can take advantage of VIP Luxury Benefits

when you attend some of the finest hospitality and lifestyle venues on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne.

Members will also be invited to exclusive paid and unpaid events throughout the year, allowing you to meet and mingle with other members of the network.

Rent it, if you need it.

In addition to VIP treatment, the option to book services and attend exclusive events, the ability to rent more than just the home, make a Casa Co membership unique.

Whether you have, or are looking for,  a boat shed, a caravan, a paddle-board or surfing equipment, Casa Co lets members list and hire a whole range of lifestyle items to make their stay a more convenient and fulfilling experience.


Casa Co benefits